Power of Podcasting

I thought I’d stepped out of my comfort zone with my previous podcasting assignment. This week’s assignment truly put me to the test. I felt ten times more apprehensive than I did with my first attempt at editing a preproduced podcast segment. This time, my assignment required me to write, produce, edit and publish my own interview. I’m proud to say, mission accomplished!

First, I needed a topic. I decided to interview my wonderful yearbook staff editors about the importance of allowing students to run student publications and how using social media benefited our yearbook publication this school year. Next, I wrote my script, prepared my recording device, interviewed my subjects, edited my copy and shared my segment with the masses.

Overall, it wasn’t as difficult a task as I’d anticipated, but I learned that successful podcasting takes careful planning, lots of practice and the editing process takes patience. My finished product is far from perfect, but I believe I’m off to a good start.

Click here for tips on podcasting for beginners 
I learned a lot by trial and error with this assignment. Here’s a list of helpful tips to help you along your path.

Choose the Right Recording Devices

Investing in a microphone is the best option to give your podcast optimum sound quality. I don’t own a mic, so I used Audacity software instead. Audacity is free and is very user friendly when recording. I simply downloaded the software, positioned my laptop in the center of the table where I conducted my interview and clicked record. Click to download Audacity

Best Sounding Audio for Podcasting 

Allow Wait Time

I can’t stress this step enough. Allowing about three seconds between questions and answers makes it much easier to edit content. I will be sure to allow wait time during my next podcast. While editing this podcast, I found that I had trouble removing distracting umm’s because I didn’t allow enough time for pause during the conversation.


Publishing my podcast was simple. I used Soundcloud and was impressed at its ease of use. I shared my podcast on my WordPress blog. The process only took a few steps and a few minutes. Audioboom is another great option for publishing.
Sign up for Soundcloud
Sign up for Audioboom


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