Learning ‘Cool Tools’

This week’s assignment allowed me to play around quite a bit and I must admit, it was FUN. I created three multimedia tools that I plan to teach my students and incorporate into our school’s news publication. Here are the details about the cool tools I created along with helpful tips to get you started. Enjoy!


Interactive Maps

Integrating interactive maps are a great way to enhance a news story.  I tried both Google Maps and Map Quest. Both were user friendly and simple to maneuver to create maps. However, I give the gold star to Google Maps because I found the embedding process much easier to use than Map Quest.

I am using a WordPress blog and Map Quest’s embed code would not covert to show the image. I had no problem with the embed code when using Google Maps. The process is simple and it’s free!

Free Subscription to Google Maps

Interactive Polls

Using interactive polls is another way to incorporate multimedia elements into a news story and capture reader interest. WordPress has a built-in feature for polls that we use in our school’s publication on a regular basis. I used poll daddy for my class assignment. The free forever subscription allows you unlimited polls and works just well for basic use. However, the paid subscription allows you more options.

Sign up for a free forever subscription to Poll Daddy.

Interactive Timelines

Tiki Toki Timelines allow you to create visually stunning interactive timelines for your multimedia publication. However, you must purchase a subscription to have access to all the perks such as, adding an image to the timeline. It was easy to sign up for a free subscription; however, I was well into the process of building my timeline before I realized that I didn’t have the option (adding images) that I needed to fulfill the requirements if my assignment. Still, Tiki Toki is very user friendly and basic timeline works well for simple projects. Click to download Tiki Toki

Diptiy Timelines is also user friend and simple to use. Free subscribers can add images which is cool. However, free accounts are not allowed access to embed codes to transfer data to a website. Click to download Dipity. I was a little disappointed, but both programs allow you a lot of benefits at the free level. Click to download Dipity




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