Creating Videos with Premiere Pro CC


This week’s assignment put my technical abilities to the test! I had to create a multimedia video using an editing platform of my choice. After some research, I chose to try Adobe premiere Pro and am very pleased with how user friendly working with this application is. premiere Pro CC is a video editing software application that is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. What’s cool about the suite is that along with premiere Pro, I can also use all the Adobe products at a very affordable price with a yearly subscription. The best part is that students and teachers receive a special rate. Click to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud.

After recording and collecting several video clips and still photos, I simply dropped my media into the application and began the editing process. Being inexperienced at video editing, I invested time in finding reliable resources to assist me in the process. There are a wealth of resources online, especially on YouTube. As with anything else that is new, it clearly takes practice and having the right resources at your avail to help make the process easier. Here are a few I found helpful for beginners. 


I found this video to be beneficial in getting started with learning basic tools and how to use the timeline feature.

Once you’ve completed the basic editing process and completed the video. The next important step is exporting your video to the platform of your choice. I chose YOUTUBE and the converting process was simple.

After publishing my video to YOUTUBE, WordPress offers an easy and compatible process to publishing your video. Simply copy and paste the URL into the visual editor and like magic, your video automatically shows in full screen on your blog.

Overall, I’d recommend using Premier Pro as a simple and user friendly option to edit videos. It does require lots of practice to master the application, so invest the time and you should become a pro in no time.



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