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Stepping Up My Teaching Game

I don’t have any playbooks, step-by-step instructions or coaches at my avail to help me survive my first year as a high school journalism adviser. However, every day is game day. Ready or not, I must show up, show out and deliver. The success of my team depends on it.

This school year, my dream team consists of 18 amazing students. I advise both the newspaper and yearbook publications at MacArthur High School in Irving, TX. This is my most challenging role yet as a teacher.

It’s been quite a journey since my first day of school. I’ve spent my first semester learning the business aspect of my job, learning what my students already knew and what they needed to know, and adjusting to the reality that as an adviser, I am on my own island.

My biggest revelation thus far is that the amazing students I teach are tech babies! At the start of the year, they were in awe that I still had a Facebook account, had never sent a Tweet a day in my life and was totally oblivious to Instagram. I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade since, but my students are far more technologically savvy than I am. It’s high time that I evolve and get with the times.

So, how do I incorporate rigorous learning when it comes to teaching multimedia concepts? How can I provide the tools necessary to give my students a quality, real- world experience as 21st century learners and journalists?

First and foremost, my students’ success starts with me. I know that I need to get with the times. I must improve my technological skills so that I can give my students the quality and authentic learning experience they deserve.

We are introducing our school’s first online newspaper this year. Many of our delays and downfalls are related to a lack of knowledge in multimedia concepts, such as Photoshop, video editing and knowing what type of visuals to use with certain news coverage. My expectation in taking this course as a novice is simple; to gain basic knowledge, skills and awareness of the resources I need to get our publications up and running efficiently.

I’m growing in my craft every day. Kent State University’s Masters for Journalism Educators program offers an amazing learning experience to journalism advisers. Not only do I enjoy teaching students, I also enjoy sharing what I learn with fellow educators. Teachers supporting teachers is the best thing in the world!

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Social Media

  • Students are well versed in social media (Twitter, Instagram, Ect.), but it’s our job as advisers to make sure they are informed of how to use social media both responsibility and resourcefully. Even as student reporters, students will rely heavily on social media to stay informed and connected to what’s going on in the world around them.

Lesson: On Social Media in the Media


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